Certified Wellness Coach, Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator & Kambo Practitioner/Instructor

MY MISSION is to be a resource and inspiration for personal transformation, to help raise the level of consciousness, and to share the tools and techniques I have learned along my journey of freedom and wellness.

MY INTENTION for myself and for others is to dismantle limiting stories, beliefs, and habits that keep us small so that we may step into our fullness and live a life of freedom & authenticity.

I AM COMMITTED to helping my clients find their sacred roar, their truth, their authentic expression in the world. I guide my clients to step fully onto the path of the heart so they can be the Liberated Lion/Lioness they came here to be.

The path of the heart is not for the faint of heart; it takes the courage and strength of a lion to step outside of one’s comfort zone and access the warrior within to live a life of freedom.

Are you committed to the path of the heart? Are you ready to live your truth?


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