Kambo derives from the secretion of the Amazonian giant waxy tree frog Phyllomedusa Bicolor.  The secretion is comprised of a unique complex cocktail of bioactive peptides that produce amazing benefits for the body and mind. Italian pharmacologist Vittorio Erspamer of the University of Rome was nominated twice for the Nobel Prize and is considered to be the first scientist to analyze Kambo in the laboratory concluding that Kambo contains a “fantastic chemical cocktail with potential medical applications unmatched by any other amphibian.”

The benefits of Kambo stem from the bioactive peptides and neuropeptides found in the Kambo secretion.  The bioactive peptides found in Kambo exert a positive effect in humans due to their health-promoting properties. They can exert several beneficial effects like preventing diseases or modulating the physiological systems once they are absorbed in the human body. These peptides perform a broad range of functions that can be involved in the gastrointestinal system such as the anti-obesity and satiety peptides, the cardiovascular system such as antihypertensive, antithrombotic, and hypocholesterolemic peptides, the immune system such as antimicrobial, and immune-modulatory peptides, and the nervous system such as opioid peptides.

Tribes of the Amazon often refer to Kambo as “Hunting  Magic” as it strengthens the physical body as well as the mind.  Kambo brings energy and stamina into the body and sharpens the senses.  It makes the mind still and allows one to  think clearly.  The small things that bother us in our day to day life does not seem to be as significant following a Kambo session, allowing one to focus on the things that truly matter in life.   


People turn to Kambo for a myriad of different uses from physical to psychological.  Although Kambo is not considered a medicine in the western sense of the word many people have found relief from physical ailments.   

Kambo has analgesic properties that has the potential to provide pain relief up to 40 times stronger than morphine without the addictive high that comes from opiates.  Many people that suffer from autoimmune diseases such as Lyme have found incredible benefits from Kambo aiding in relief of their symptoms and putting life back into their bodies.   

On a psychological level, Kambo has shown incredible attributes in aiding people with depression, anxiety and PTSD.  The chemical makeup of Kambo appears to specifically be designed to strengthen the mind and bodies of the human species.  


I begin the Kambo ceremony by administering sananga drops into each eye. Sananga is a powerful tool used in the Amazon for improving vision. Traditionally this is in the context of improved night vision for hunting, however, there is a deeper side to establishing a practice with this powerful ally. Derived from the shrub Tabernaemontana undulate, Sananga produces an initial intense burning sensation when the drops are administered. After the initial onset of pain, a shift into a calming, meditative state can be achieved; somewhat like a painful serenity. Sananga is believed to improve vision physically, emotionally and spiritually. While the physical benefits of Sananga do produce widely reported enhanced night vision, Sananga also helps us to open our third eye and see with our higher self and our hearts bringing about true clarity of our inner vision. Offering Sananga before a kambo session offers an opportunity to come into clear focus and deep connection with your individual intention for sitting with Kambo.

After the Sananga offering, I will begin the application of Kambo. Kambo invites you to have a direct experience with the essence and beauty of the warriors‘ spirit. It’s often referred to as “an ordeal” and in many cases and for a variety of reasons the experience can be challenging but it is also tremendously rewarding. Kambo offers the opportunity to clear away the dense physical, mental, emotional and spiritual load we carry in our day to day lives. There are properties within Kambo which will work directly with each of these aspects affecting the human biology, the human psyche and the human spirit. The reasons for choosing to sit with Kambo as an ally on the path to wellbeing are as varied and unique as each individual.


The only safe application of Kambo is through small blister points made in the skin to which the secretion is applied.  The burn is not deep, with only the epidermis being removed allowing an entry “gate” for the Kambo into the lymphatic system.  Typically 3-5 “gates” are opened in the skin for a basic Kambo session.  The client will be asked to drink no more than one liter of water before applying the Kambo dots to the open gates. Once the secretion is applied to the gates, the immediate effects are quick and intense but short lived, usually ending in about 20-25 minutes on average.  

Within  30 seconds to a minute, the client will experience a warm flushing sensation over the entire body.  The heart rate will increase slightly with a light throbbing sensation in the head.  

The lips, ears and tongue may go numb and tingly and may also be accompanied by a feeling of dizziness or light-headedness.  These sensations last approximately 5-7 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes of flu-like symptoms where the client may feel weak, achy and nauseas. During this time, it is common for a client to purge.  Because of the water consumed before hand, the purge is typically smooth  and without a great deal of discomfort.  

After the purge, the flu like symptoms dissipate rather rapidly and the client is usually left feeling very relaxed and may be washed over with a feeling of euphoria.  After approximately 30-45 minutes of rest, the client will gain strength and energy back into the body and will be able to continue their day as normal.  

The benefits from Kambo will be experienced in the following hours, days and even weeks following the session.  

The Kambo ceremony is concluded with a sharing in the sacred tradition of Rapé. Rapé (pronounced hapeh) is a shamanic tobacco snuff used for ceremonial and medicinal purposes among the indigenous people of the Amazon basin. It is administered to the nostrils through a blowpipe called a tepi. While tobacco is commonly the base ingredient, Rapé contains Nicotiana rustica as opposed to Nicotiana tobacum (common cigarette tobacco). N. Rustica is a powerful tobacco with significantly higher nicotine content than N. tobacum. The N. rustica is combined with various other Master Plants from the Amazon jungle and cooked, pounded and sieved to produce a very fine ash. Tobacco is considered a sacred plant used for energetic clearing, offering prayers and as an expression of gratitude. The Master Plants used to produce Rapé have a wide variety of shamanic purposes ranging from energetic and physical clearing, calming, grounding, uplifting and some higher doses can have mild psychedelic effects. In conjunction with a Kambo ceremony, the Rapé helps the participant to ground and come back into their center.

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