July 3, 2015 I shattered my right leg while setting up my lake house for a 4th of July family weekend. Since that day I have had four major surgeries, vein oblation, and a year long battle with an infection which included a two separate PIC lines. On top of all that…I did not work for over a year. I lost my job. I battled with a short temper/anger problems. I have had my fair share of depression and dark thoughts which diminished my passion for life in general. This put a strain on my marriage of twenty-three years this November, and a major lack of want-to towards everything. August 27, 2017 my family got flooded by hurricane Harvey. While living with friends and family I started having severe gout pain. So the hits just kept coming. Chronic inflammation, nerve pain, swollen veins, and now gout! Fast forward to 2020 and I started watching Facebook Lives by a high school classmate by the name of Stacey Rohr. She talked a lot about self-love, goals and dreams, follow your heart, etc. Then one day she started talking about Kambo! I listened, researched, and read all about it. It all sounded good, but I wondered if it was for me? Then one evening Stacey was doing a collective card pull which I felt was speaking straight to me. Then the next night she starts talking about the “Lion’s Gate” portal and how the moon is moving into Aquarius…wait a second; I’m Aquarius! So I contact her without expectations, just a calling or need to have a ceremony with her. Like the universe was saying “hey dumb-ass, go get right!” So on 08/08/2020 I shared a sacred Kambo circle with Stacey and Greg during the Lion’s Gate. What can I say other than Holy Crap! My dark thoughts seemed to melt away. I was focused and centered. Then I started to notice that the pain and inflammation had gotten a lot better, almost gone completely. I have a better outlook on life. I am more focused and centered with my own spirit. I have more physical stamina at work. My thoughts are sharper and more concise. I could go on and on. I have since had two more sessions and I look forward to many more. I have made life long friends in Stacey and Greg who both get me excited about my self, plant medicine and the future! If my story helps lead someone to Kambo so that they may improve their life, well that is just another added bonus of this sacred medicine! 

Much Love!!! -Michael Burt